Onek Diner Moner Manush Book PDF by Nimai Bhattacharya

Onek Diner Moner Manush Book is a top Bangali Novel Book. This book is written by Nimai Bhattacharya a popular writer. If you are book lover and love to read Bangla book then see outlook is the right website for you.

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Onek Diner Moner Manush is a recommended book by book lovers. Onek Diner Moner Manush is written by very famous writer Nimai Bhattacharya. This book is one of the most reading and popular books by the author. One of the main reasons to read this book is written so simply by the author. That’s the reason, the reader going on and on as they get to appreciate the well-structured sentences that bring about authenticity to the narration. Nimai Bhattacharya is more popular for his Novels and Fiction.

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Nimai Bhattacharya is a popular Bengali writer and novelist. He was born in 1931 at Kolkata. Nimai Bhattacharya started his career as a journalist. Nimai Bhattacharya’s first book is Rajdhanir Nepathye in the year of 1964. His romantic novel ‘Memsaheb’ got super success, also make him a famous writer. Some of his popular books are Memsaheb, Mini Bus, Metal, Inkilab, Bachelor, Imon Kollen, Koloni, Probesh Nished, Kerani, Darling, Madam, Koktel, Pother Sheshe, Boubazarer Boudi, Mou,  Iman Kalyan, Premer Galpo, Good Night, One up to Down, Surjodoy, Album, ADC, Marriage Registrar, etc.

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