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The Mrityur Swad Book is a very famous Bengali novel book. This book is written by Jayanta Dey a well-known writer. If you are book lover and love to read Bangla book then see outlook is the right website for you.

Overview of Mrityur Swad Book Author:

Jayant also started writing poetry. For professional reasons, he had to travel to different places. He captures the impact of different kinds of people, environment, and nature in his mind. In the meantime, Jayantar has been credited with the Sommen Chand Award of West Bengal Bangla Academy, Kathamela Award and Literature Award by Namita Chattopadhyay.

There are two-story in this book. Those two novels are Death Taste and Radhika Thrill. The first is political at the heart of the mystery story, the other is social. The central character of both is Akkel Basu. After joining the police named Akkel on the deathbed of Dharmadas Ghosal, on the other hand, he was involved in the search for Mataji’s bride and grandson before joining the police. Those awesome stories are recommended by book lovers.

This book first published at Kolkata. Jayanta Dey is a popular novelist from Kolkata, India. He was born in 1964. Some of the names of his popular books are Mrito Na Jibito, Magician o Ek Nari, Ekti Khuni Chai, Kisu Megh kisu Kuasa, Anti Hero, Dakater Golpo, etc.

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