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Megheder Din Book is a very famous and popular Bengali novel. This book is written by Sadat Hossain a well-known writer. If you are book lover and love to read Bangla book then see outlook is the right website for you.

Overview of Megheder Din Book Author:

Megheder Din Book is one of the popular books of this author. Sadat Hossain makes a great story with a different type of character. The story of the book starts with The Day of the Clouds the first scene of the novel will tie you to the book. On a rainy day, Durant, a girl from the village of Nilatali, who had entered adolescent adolescence, was searching for her poultry then the father-in-law Haru Bapari is the victim of a craving for a fierce man. That’s when the urban couple Maruf and Tania entered the village. Maruf has brought his maternal uncle to Niltali village to show the bride the beauty of the rainy season. But he does not find the memory of childhood sweetheart in the village of Nizali with the present village.

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The conduct of the people of all villages, including their relatives, leads to a difficult situation. In the middle of it is the “old lady,” in every scene, the strange vivacity of the character. But amidst all these adversities, the scenes of Maruf and Tanya’s perfect love really touch the heart.

Sadat Hossain is a Bangladeshi film-maker, and novelist. Sadat Hossain was born in 1984 at Madaripur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied anthropology from Jahangirnagar University. Aarshinagor is the first book when people recognize him in the year 2015. Some of his books are Ordhobritto, Meagher Din, Arshinagar, Andormohol, Janalar Apache, etc.

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