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How to create a Portfolio Website | Cinecom.net

by seeoutlook Blogger

Learn to create a web site to advertise your videography companies. This tutorial present you step-by-step how one can use the Wix editor to design a easy web site.

When you’re a contract cameraman, video editor or DOP it is necessary to get observed on-line. Nonetheless probably the greatest methods is to be sure you have a web site that exhibits who you might be and what you must provide.

With Wix you may make your individual web site with out having to know something about programming!

Wix affords a free account and a premium account to take away adverts and achieve extra performance over your web site.

► www.wix.com

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659 comments on “How to create a Portfolio Website | Cinecom.net”

  1. Catherine.S     June 4, 2018

    is it possible to make an option to choose another page language? thank you.

  2. Sujay Bhosale     June 4, 2018

    Can website be monetized?

  3. Alex Lokteks     June 4, 2018

    The video is very interesting, but I will say that without knowledge of programming languages is a normal website cannot be created. I have tried to do on the designers, but the sites are weak in design, has a lot of advertising and do not work consistently. So the company turned to the http://www.olyablack.com/ , where he wrote a good website with a great sheath. Works perfectly

  4. DIY FILM STOP     June 4, 2018

    great video man going in depth about everything well done . Left a like

  5. VanCityVideos     June 4, 2018

    Can i put my videos on the homepage?

  6. Ties Flippo     June 4, 2018

    What are the prices you can let others pay if you are an editor?

  7. TrianGaming     June 4, 2018


  8. Farrukh Khan     June 4, 2018

    when we buy the premium account then can we monetize it with Google AdSense?

  9. Robert Chen     June 4, 2018

    Thanks Cinecom! I use Wix for my personal website to share my work as well, and over the past year, it's been great! One thing I must say for beginning Wix Users is to associate the Wix website with their Youtube Channel via Meta Tags/Header Code in the SEO section of the site Editor and the Youtube Advanced Settings. This enables the user to use Annotations to End Cards to put a link to their website through the option "Associated Website."

    It's a pretty simple, yet confusing process that I cannot explain well enough with just words. I can only suggest that you make a video also explaining about that too to boost traffic from the videos to the website, to help the people wanting to share their work more efficiently. 😀

  10. ArcticRc     June 4, 2018

    awesome.. i was thinking about getting back into a website after years in Facebook. Thank you Sir

  11. Vegard Pedersen     June 4, 2018

    cinecom what camera do you use. shall you by the new Panasonic GH5?

  12. Prashant Patil     June 4, 2018

    You are awesome jordy ….
    just love your videos ..
    and this was the mindblowing….
    ….always in love with you….

  13. MattHaslam Productions     June 4, 2018

    Love the video but you forgot to include how to add SEO to the wix site. I would have loved to see how you choose your SEO keywords. I created my website with wix but did you create your cinecom website with wix?

  14. eznymorpheus     June 4, 2018

    so we can have our own domain name without wix word on it for free? i dont mind about ads

  15. Cmelda     June 4, 2018

    Is this sponsored?

  16. Dub     June 4, 2018

    love this. however, for feedback's sake. i loved your videos because they were short and to the point. this one is much too long. maybe more 'to the point' videos in the future?

  17. Me#tron     June 4, 2018

    Can i park my own domain? I guess this site will be with yourname.wix.com or something like that.

  18. Savy Guitar     June 4, 2018

    Awesome video, super helpful, thank you!

  19. Vegard Pedersen     June 4, 2018

    Jordy is it free?

  20. Vegetarian Soylent-Green     June 4, 2018


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