FAQ & Legal guidelines

On See outlook users are, allowed to mention their own copyright statement while submitting their contents. As a vast amount of users are engaged here in See outlook, to allow everyone’s easy access and bring to light creative works of everyone, users are allowed to mention their own copyright statement. This process means users will be self-responsible for submitting their own contents, accepted or rejected by See outlook.

See outlook is following the copyright act regarding submission of content and in case of violation of contents identity and security, in conformity with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

See outlook aims to allow a large group of users to bring into one unique platform here at Seeoutlook.com. By putting tick mark on “adult” option at the time of content submission you are confirming that your content is containing adult features so your content will not be shown to people under age of 18 and will be shown to the See outlook registered users those are over age of 18 and people from countries where adult contents are allowed and legal. By offering this option See outlook is ensuring safe browsing for under aged users and thus making the site available for the audience from all ages.

Following features may guide you to consider whether your content is containing adult features or not,

A content that contains nude features, violent or dirty meaningful items, which may considered offensive to younger audience or people at work will be considered to have adult content.

  • Considering the fact mentioned above if your content contains no violent, nude or offensive features and also safe to seen at work or anywhere your content will be considered safe.
  • Even if your creative work showcase attributes that may cause awkwardness among under aged audience or audience of countries where adult contents are strictly prohibited, then your content still will be considered as adult content. Apart from nudity and violence contents that may hurt geographical emotions can be considered as adult content also in cases.
  • If your content contains any feature that showcases offensive minor visualization, like minorities in a sexual manner or exploiting minority are strictly prohibited on See outlook. If there any content found in See outlook legal actions will be taken against the responsible person and his /her account will be terminated immediately.
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