Bisher Chobol Book PDF by Himadrikishore Dasgupta

Bisher Chobol Book is a very famous and popular Bengali short novel. This book is written by Himadrikishore Dasgupta a well-known writer. If you are book lover and love to read Bangla book then see outlook is the right website for you.

Overview of Bisher Chobol Book Author:

Bisher Chobol’s book is very popular among teens. The Story of Professional detective Kitty and her accomplice Tina appears at her home to solve a special mystery at the invitation of the snake poisoner Sanjivan Chowdhury. People call Sanjivanbabu’s house a ‘snake’s nest’. There are poisonous snakes in his house. In the eyes of ordinary people, the snake means violence, cruelty mystery. This snake of a strange creature. But the other people in Sanjivanabu’s house are no less mysterious. What does the sick wife of a lifetime bring to the fore? Ashrita’s friend spouse Ajanta lives in the house all day. His son Aritra is a drug addict.

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What is the call of Dasarath’s wife playing in the eyes of Laxmi Manasa? Older Kashinath Chowdhury fined the gem on the snake’s head in this old house or something else? And there is a strange man, Sapphire. People call him ‘Bangababu’. Some of his Popular Books of  Himadri Kishore Dasgupta are Krisnolamar Gumfa, Rudronather Chunir Chok, The Green Ape, Firingi Thogi, Jhuddo Jokhon Jongole, Adhar Rater Bondhu, Manush  Kumar, Adventure Somogro, Surja Mandirer Sesh Prohori, etc.

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