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The Badshahi Angti Book is a very famous and popular Bengali novel ever. This book was written by Satyajit Ray a well-known writer. If you are book lover and love to read Bangla book then see outlook is the right website for you.

Overview of Badshahi Angti Book Author:

Badshahi Angti’s book was released by Ananda publishers in the year 1969. This book was one of the most popular novel book among Bengali. This book was written by very famous writer Satyajit Ray. He is also a film maker and director. He gives us evergreen and iconic character Feluda. This book was one of the most reading and popular books by the author. So you can guess the popularity of this book. This book was written so simply but the author gives us full thrill in this book. That keeps the reader going on and on as they get to appreciate the well-structured sentences that bring about authenticity to the narration and conversations between the characters. By reading this book you already hooked in this novel the big achievement of the author.

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Satyajit Ray was born in 1921 in Kolkata. He started his career as a commercial artist. He made his debut film Pather Panchali in 1955 and got world-wide recognition as a first-rate film director. His popular Series and Books are Feluda Series, Banku Babur Bandhu, Sonar Kella, Apur Panchali, Protikrity, Tarini Khutor Kirti Kolap, Professor Shanku Series, Tarini Khuro Stores, Sheyla Debota Rahasya, Golpo 101, Robertson Rubi, Sera Satyajit, Gangtok Gondogol, Ebar Kando Kedarnath, Gosainpur Sargaram, Jahangirer Sornomudra, Batik Babu, etc.

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