Ashapoorna Devi Biograghy, Wiki & Top Books list

Ashapoorna Devi was born on 8 January 1909 at Kolkata. She was also known as Asha Purna Devi. She was a great Bengali novelist and poet. She was an Indian Bengali writer and very famous for her novel and poet. She basically writes fiction genre books.

Biography of Ashapoorna Devi

  • Full Name: Ashapoorna Devi
  • Born: 8 January 1909
  • Died: 13 July 1995
  • Birthplace: Kolkata
  • Occupation: Novelist, Poet
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Language: Bengali
  • Genre: Fiction,
  • Period: Modern Period
  • Reference: Wikipedia

Ashapoorna Devi Personal life

Ashapoorna Devi was born in a very conservative family. She was born in 1909, at her maternal uncle’s home in North Kolkata. Her grandmother dominates their full family. She supporting old customs and conservative ideals, the female children of the house were not allowed to go to school. Private tutors were only for boys.  Baby Ashapurna was sitting opposite to their brothers and that was how she learned the alphabets.

Ashapurna’s father Harendra Nath Gupta was a famous artist at furniture makers as a designer. Due to a shortage of space, her father shifted to their house another place. At a very early age, Ashapurna and her sisters built a love-relationship with books. Though she had no formal education as such, she was self-educated. She was raised was socially and politically restless, a time of nationalist agitation and awakening.

Ashapoorna Devi Literary life

Ashapoorna Devi got many awards for her great contribution to Bangla literature. She first wrote a story for adults, “Patni O Preyoshi”, published in 1936. In 1976, she was awarded Jnanpith Award by the Government of India. I also got a D.Litt. By the Universities of Jabalpur. Vishwa Bharati University honored her by providing Deshikottama in 1989. For her remarkable contribution as a novelist and short-story writer, the Sahitya Akademi gives her the highest honor, the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, in 1994. Some of her novels are Dibyahasini’r Dinolipi, Drishya Theke Drishyantore, Ei to Sedin, Kalyani, Kata Pukur Lane’r Komol, Lila Chirontan, Pancha Nodir Teere, Priyo Galpo. She died at the age of 86 years in 1995.

Top Booklist of Ashapoorna Devi

  • Asha Purna Devir Rachanaboli in 10 part
  • Asha Purna Bithika
  • Anamaniyaa
  • Bakul Katha
  • Biswas Abiswas
  • Chabibandha Sinduk
  • Chitrakalpa
  • Chosma Palte Jai
  • Dibyahasini’r Dinolipi
  • Drishya Theke Drishyantore
  • Laghu Tripodi
  • Lila Chirontan
  • Nakhyatrer Akash
  • Noksha Kata Ghor
  • Pancha Nodir Teere
  • Prem O Proyojon
  • Priyo Galpo
  • Prothom Pratisruti
  • Siri Bhanga Anka
  • Sthan Kaal Patra
  • Subarnalata